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>> Episode 8 - ALTERNATIVE ENDING by Mike Petinarelis <<

The 2ndSite brand has been MURDERED!

Official Contest
Rules and Regulations

2ndSite Inc. Brand Murder Mystery Contest
The "Brand Murder Mystery" Contest (the "Contest") is organized by 2ndSite Inc..

Contest Period
The Contest commences at 10:00 a.m. (EST) Tuesday, February 14, and ends at 4:00 p.m. (EST) the day before the last episode is published (the "Contest Period"). Any attempt by an individual to artificially inflate the number of entries via a bot script or other brute-force attack will result in that IP address becoming ineligible.

Who Can Enter
No purchase necessary. The Contest is only open to legal residents who are over the age of majority in the jurisdiction in which they reside, if a contest of this nature is legal in such jurisdiction. Employees of 2ndSite Inc., Anicon Inc., their divisions, subsidiaries and affiliates, their respective advertising agencies, other suppliers and members of their respective immediate families and/or persons with whom any of the foregoing are domiciled are not eligible.

Eligible participants may enter the Contest** by visiting www.brandmurder.com and providing e-mail address following the instructions on the website. 2ndSite takes no responsibility for lost, late, destroyed or misdirected entries. Proof of entry submission does not equate to proof of receipt.

Contest Categories and How to Participate
There are four (4) Contest categories. The chances of winning are dependent upon the number of eligible Entries received. These categories and how to enter are as follows:

  1. The John Hancock Contest
    The most people referred by you who sign-up to www.brandmurder.com over the Contest period, and the most people referred by you who sign up over one Eastern Standard Time calendar day (24 hour) period within the Contest Period.

    How to enter: Subscribe by submitting your email address at www.brandmurder.com. Send the referral URL (e.g. http://www.brandmurder.com/?ref=11-11111) to your friends by email or use it as a link from your web site. Using your referral code, 2ndSite Inc. will measure how many people sign-up using your referral code. The two people with the most number of sign-ups using your referral code over the Contest period, and the two people with the most number of sign-ups using your referral code over a 24-hour period, will the be the winners.

  2. The Zoom Zoom Contest
    The largest volume of traffic referred to http://www.brandmurder.com over the entire Contest Period.

    How to enter: Subscribe by submitting your email address at www.brandmurder.com. Copy the referral URL (e.g. http://www.brandmurder.com/index.php?ref=11-11111) to your friends by email or use the referral URL in your web site. Using web site analytics (Index Tools), 2ndSite Inc. will measure how many unique visits there are to http://www.brandmurder.com. IP address tracking will be used to filter out repeated visits from the same IP address.

  3. The Sherlock Contest
    First person during the Contest period to correctly guess the person (who), the motive (why), and the means (how).

    How to enter: Send your guess to iknowwhodunnit@brandmurder.com. The first correct entry received will be the winner. If two entries are received at the same time, a coin will be flipped. Heads will receive first prize, tails will receive second prize.

  4. The Conan Doyle Contest
    Best alternative last episode.

    How to enter: Send your best alternative ending to betterending@brandmurder.com. Entries will be judged by 2ndSite staff and the winning two (2) entries will be displayed on the web site. Entries will be judged on humour (90%) and eloquence of writing style (10%). In the event of a tie, a coin will be flipped. Heads will receive first prize, tails will receive second prize.

An entry submitted under category (c) or (d) of this Contest may not be offensive, as determined by 2ndSite Inc. in its sole discretion, nor can it defame or invade publicity rights or privacy of any person, living or deceased, or otherwise infringe upon any personís personal or property rights or any other third party rights. 2ndSite Inc. reserves the right, in its sole discretion to reject or edit any entry. Entries with profane language or deemed inappropriate or slanderous by 2ndSite Inc. will not be accepted for consideration in the Contest.

By submitting an entry, entrant warrants and represents that entry is his/her own original work, has not been previously published, that entrant owns or otherwise controls all of the rights to entry materials and that entry does not violate any law, regulation or any right of any third party. By submitting an entry, entrant grants 2ndSite Inc. and its designees all rights embodied in the entry and agrees that 2ndSite Inc. and its designees may exploit all elements of such entry in any and all media now known or not currently known, without compensation to entrant or any third party, unless prohibited by law. 2ndSite Inc. reserves all rights, including the right to edit, publish, use, adapt, exploit, modify or dispose of any entry online, in print, film, television, or in any other media for advertising and promotional or other purposes without compensation or notification to the entrant of any kind, except as prohibited by law.

There will be first and second prizes awarded in each of the categories a-d above, ten (10) prizes awarded total. First prize in each category is a board game selected by 2ndSite Inc, approximate retail value $35. Second prize in each category is a selection of two (2) murder mystery DVDs, approximate retail value $30, selected by 2ndSite Inc.

Winner Notification
Starting the day after the Contest ends, three (3) attempts will be made to contact the entrant selected as eligible for the prize at the email address provided when subscribed for a period of three (3) working days. If the selected entrant cannot be contacted within the allotted time, declines the prize or fails to correctly answer the skill testing question, that entrant is no longer eligible to win and another entrant will be chosen and the process of contacting the new entrant will be repeated. The procedure outlined above will be followed until all prizes in this Contest have been awarded, and 2ndSite Inc. shall be fully and completely released and discharged from liability or responsibility in this regard.

General Rules

  • 2ndSite Inc. reserve the right, in its sole discretion, to substitute any component of a prize for its cash value of equivalent or greater value in the event that the prize or any portion thereof, is unavailable for reasons beyond the control of 2ndSite Inc. Prizes are non-transferable, must be accepted as awarded by 2ndSite Inc. and cannot be exchanged by a declared winner for cash or other substitutes.
  • All entries become the property of 2ndSite Inc and will not be returned or acknowledged. By participating in this Contest and accepting a prize, prize winner acknowledges having read and accepted these rules and consents to publication of their name (first and last) and city for purposes relating exclusively to this Contest without compensation.
  • The decisions of the Contest judges are final, and entrants agree to abide by all of the instructions and decisions of the Contest judges. In the event of any dispute regarding the interpretation of these Contest rules or any decision rendered by the Contest judges, the decision or interpretation of the Contest judges shall prevail.
  • Any attempt to tamper with the entry process, interfere with these Contest rules, deliberately damage any website or undermine the administration, security or legitimate operation of the Contest, is a violation of criminal and civil laws, 2ndSite Inc. reserve the right to seek damages and/or other relief from all persons responsible for such acts to the fullest extent permitted by law.
  • 2ndSite Inc. assumes no responsibility for: entries lost, stolen, delayed, damaged or misdirected, or for the failure, interruption or delay of any e-mail or other communication to be received, for any reason; problems with the function of any website or website feature howsoever caused; the malfunction of, or damage caused to, any telephone network or lines, computer equipment, data or software, online systems, servers or access providers; any functionality lost due to not having cookies enabled; traffic congestion on the Internet; the security or privacy of information transmitted via computer networks; or for breaches of privacy due to interference by third party computer "hackers."
  • 2ndSite Inc. reserves the right, at its sole discretion and without prior notice, to cancel, terminate, modify, or suspend in whole or in part the Contest for any reason and without liability and without prior notice. Without limiting the foregoing, for any reason, the Contest is not capable of running as originally planned, such as tampering or infection by computer virus, 2ndSite Inc. reserves the right to cancel the online portion of the Contest and conduct the random draw from all previously received online entries received by the Contest Closing Date. 2ndSite Inc. shall not be held responsible for any problems, errors or negligence that may arise or occur in connection with the Contest including but not limited to any damage to an entrantís computer equipment, system, software or any combination thereof, as a result of the entrantís participation in this Contest.
  • By entering the Contest, each entrant agrees to abide by these Contest rules, which are subject to change without notice to Contest entrants individually, and each entrant releases 2ndSite Inc., their respective parents, affiliates, subsidiaries, directors, officers, employees, representatives, agents and advertising and promotional agencies, from any damage, loss or liability suffered as a result of or arising from the entrantís participation in Contest or the use of any prize.
  • The Contest and the Contest rules shall be exclusively governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the province of Ontario. Any dispute shall be adjudicated in the courts sitting in Toronto, Ontario.
Do you think youíre
Sherlock? The 2ndSite
brand has been
and the first person
to correctly guess the
culprit (who), the motive (why),
and the means (how), will win a really
cool prize.

The Suspects

Michael McDerment
Michael McDerment Michael has been partying involved with internet technologies since 1999. An entrepreneur and internet marketing consultant with two successful start-ups to his name, Michael is dedicated to helping his clients get more from the internet. Like many entrepreneurs, Michael talks faster than he writes and can deftly juggle and keep his eye on hundreds of balls at one time. But perhaps he is not juggling... perhaps he is plotting murder...?!

Joe Sawada
Joe Sawada In 2000 Joe received his Ph.D in Computer Science from the University of Victoria, specializing in the development of efficient algorithms. (Just in case you think heís a nerd, Joe is one of those guys youíd never think was this smart because heís so cool. That's why we don't trust him).

Levi Cooperman
Levi Cooperman Levi is a professional engineer with a B.Eng from the University of Victoria. He is able to grow a beard faster than Superman and can leap a building in a single bound. Before joining 2ndSite, Levi managed projects at Apex Systems Integrators Inc., where his clients included Canadian Tire, Nestlť, and Parmalat. Did we mention he can grow a beard in seconds? All serial killers have beards...hmmm.

Kathy Donoghue
Kathy Donoghue Kathy graduated from City University London with an MSc in Information Systems & Technology. She comes to 2ndSite from PricewaterhouseCoopers and GE Capital where she led many successful web-based IT development and knowledge management projects. Kathy is from the east coast where everyone is nice...too nice...

Jeffrey Sarmiento
Jeffrey Sarmiento Jeff is a consummate perfectionist and ace designer. Jeff-fun includes developing Flash web sites, PHP solutions and snowboarding and he will not hesitate to take on any double black diamond he comes across. Jeff is also obsessed with washing his car (some say his left arm is twice the size of his right arm because of this). Obsessiveness is freaky...we trust him, but we don't trust him if you know what we mean...

Daniel Tsang
Daniel Tsang A recent graduate from University of Toronto's Computer Science programme, Daniel develops new functionality (back-end) for 2ndSite, and answers support requests. Daniel is our resident film critic, and knows when to fold 'em in Texas Hold 'Em. He seemed upset when the Brand died...maybe he's bluffing?

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